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Chrysikopoulos Dionysis

Through years of experience, the company is able to give you technical support advices, as well as the best solutions to any problems arising on your car, your engine or boat, always with reliability and safety.

Years of experience

excellent service

Top performance and safety not only depend on the brand and model but also they depend on the quality of service.


Exclusive representative in Corfu company FNM Marine Diesel Engines. Responsibly undertake tasks arising during the repair, maintenance and control of health and proper functioning of marine engines and boats. Checking the status of various engine parts and replacement parts that are damaged.
Here you will also find spare horsepower and car engines.
Our workshop undertakes the maintenance and repair of generator sets (in terms of the mechanical part), which is essential for proper operation and proportional to their lifetime.
Our goal is to provide high quality services to all customers. We offer prompt and quality service for all brands, when it has to do with your car. We undertake services like: Service, Mechanical Works, repairs, upgrades, lubricants, Spare
We also undertake repairs and maintenance marine engines and engines for large horsepower.

Ανεξάρτητος επισκευαστής


For car


Change brake fluid should be done every two years for more appropriate function in the braking system and cooling respectively.
It is best that you change the spark plugs every 30 months or 30,000 miles around to get the best engine performance and maximum fuel economy.
Always change a blown fuse with such corresponding voltage and note that if the problem persists you should contact us for any defects.
Car's tires should be checked every 10 days to the correct pressure and a visual check for damage. Frequent checks should be made and the spare tire.
In case of overheating of your car's engine, to turn off immediately and wait for it to cool.
Cables and battery terminals should be cleaned and checked periodically to make sure you provide good connection.
To ensure reliable performance, replace the fuel filter about every 45,000 km or different every once in prescribed by your car's manufacturer.
Never leave your vehicle to exhaust all the gasoline can cause damage.

For boat


Smooth operation of the Diesel engine seems to export. Much smoke can mean a problem. For example, a long gray smoke indicates that oil is not clean. Black smoke can be an indication of a defective nozzle or nozzles that we loaded very machine, or that do not breathe well.
At first remove the oils and visual inspection is done in color. If the color is not black, but becomes rough, there is a flow of sea water and requires further examination. New oil added to the end of the service, after reposition the leg.
To select battery on the boat, you should know that can be placed in the boat. There are three types: simple batteries for starting, deep discharge batteries and batteries mixed vessels.
The engine maintenance is very important issue which should concern the user of each boat type. The machines should always be in excellent condition and performance, to be sure that it will not cause problems during a trip.
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